Registration is 8- 10a.m. We usually depart around 10:30a.m. We will return for dinner around 5:00p.m.

Registration is easy.  Be sure to pay attention to the registration options. You can register a single bike with a passenger, just a bike by itself or just a dinner. Click the link below to start.

Click here to register

Yes. We will have some maps at the check-in table, and it is posted on the site.

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When you arrive, look for signs that lead you to your destination or look for Rita's Ride staff wearing blaze orange shirts to guide you.

General admission is $25 per person. $35 day of the ride.
"Dinner only" is $15 per person.

Yes, that means Bike + Passenger is $50.00 (includes meals) or $70.00 day of the ride.